1/7/21 Thursday 11:00-12:30

Hi !

Today for your class assignment :

Part A:

1) Click on the file "Student Goal Scenarios" and read the paragraphs on each student.

2) Click on the file " Worksheet for Student Goal Scenarios" and answer the questions about each student in complete sentences.

Part B: 

1) Click on the Link : There/their/They’re practice and complete the activity. (The answers are included - not cheating  ????)

2) Click on the Link: On-line practice there/their/they’re and complete the activity.

3) Click on the Link: On-line job title practice  and complete the activity.

4) Click on the Link : On-line jobs practice: match the job description  and complete the activity.

That's all the work for today.

If you would like me to correct any of your work, please send it to me.