Argumentative Essays 4/26

Here is a list of essay writing resources, and several sample argumentative essays.


The first step of writing an argumentative essay is planning what you are going to write about. You can use a TIDE Chart, a web brainstorm, or you can make a "Pros and Cons" list. To make a Pros and cons list, you draw a line on your paper in the middle (separating two halves). On one side, you list all the positive or good things about a topic (the Pros). On the other half, you write the negative things, or the Cons. For each half, write as many points about your topic that you can. When you are done with both sides, choose either the Pros side or the Cons side to make into your argument for your paper. Imagine you are a lawyer in a court room, and you want to convince everyone that your side is the right one!

Once you have your Pros and Cons list and have chosen a side to argue, every point you have written in that section will become the body of your argument. (body paragraphs). Your overall argument, what you're trying to prove, is your thesis statement. The writing templates and examples to the right explain how to lay out and form your essay.


Here are some essay prompts that you might want to consider (but feel free to write about anything you'd like!)

1. Should internet access be free?

2. Should schools assign homework that requires a computer to use? Why or why not?

3. Should election days be holidays where people don't have to go to work?

4. What makes the best pet, a dog, a cat, or something else? Why?

5. How important is it to get 8 hours of sleep a night?

6. Is snow good or bad?

7. Should schools be in session all year (no summer vacation)?

8. Should it be a rule that everyone takes a walk every day?

9. Is fast food a good thing or a bad thing?

10. Is technology good for children?

11. Is it bad to have a messy bedroom?

12. Should kids be forced to play a sport at school?

13. Should kids be forced to play an instrument at school?

14. Should teachers be paid more money?

15. Should healthcare workers be paid more money?

16. Should fast food workers be paid more money?

17. What is a better vacation, going skiing or going to the beach?

18. What is something that can make your community better?

19. Should the mayor build a new shopping mall or a new public park?

20. Should everyone be forced to read 20 minutes a day?

21. Does it make sense that the high school equivalency tests are timed?

22. We live in a world where the news is constantly on and changing. Should the news be on 24 hours a day? Why or why not?

23. Argue why your favorite food is the best food.

24. Argue why your favorite movie/music/ TV show is the best.

25. Argue why your favorite thing to do/ your hobby is the best.


Every essay MUST have opening and closing paragraphs (1 opening and 1 closing for each essay). Your body paragraphs, where you are giving your supporting details of your argument (or your thesis) can vary in number. Typically, 1-3 body paragraphs are best. Try to include as much supporting evidence to support your argument as you can!


Email your essay or any questions to Jill at for feedback. If you've written an argumentative essay, a fun exercise can be to try and write another essay about the same topic from the opposite point of view/ argument!

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