Expanding on Transitional Words 4/28



Hi Class !

Today we will be learning more transitional word choices to use when connecting ideas in the correct order.

New Transitional Word:

First = To begin with = To start with = Initially

Next = After that= After this= Afterwards

Finally = Last= Lastly = To end with 

Or you can use these Transitional words in this order only:

First —> Second—> Third—> Finally 


First of all —> Secondly—> Thirdly—> And Lastly 

Part A

Washing Your Hair Activity #1

Directions: Number the 6 sentences in the correct order for washing your hair.

Part B 


Use the steps in “ Washing your hair” to write a paragraph. Include at least three new transitional words you learned from this lesson.

Part C 

Directions: Watch the Mr. Bean in the bathroom  video.

Write a paragraph using transitional words to describe Mr. Bean’s routine.

- include at least 3 actions ( activities)

- include at least 3 transitional words to connect your sentences 

Part D 

What did you think of Mr. Bean’s routine?

What did Mr. Bean say at the end of the video?

What do you think he does next?

Did you laugh watching this video? ( I hope you did !)

That’s our lesson for today. When you finish, please send me your work to correct at Ajcovello@aol.com. Have a great day ????.

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