Adding and Subtracting Integers 3/23

In this lesson, we will review adding and subtracting integers. 


1. First, please take a look at the textbook pages. You do not need to do the exercises yet if you don't want to.

2. Next, please watch the Math Antics video about adding and subtracting integers. I also included the Math Antics video on absolute value. 

3. Now, return to the textbook pages and solve the problems in a notebook. The Math Antics Homepage link also has exercises and worksheets for even more practice with absolute value and integers. 


Math Antics Homepage Link (scroll down and click on "Absolute Value", "Negative Numbers", and "Adding and Subtracting Integers" for exercises and worksheets:



4. Finally, test yourself on the Adding and Subtracting Integers quizzes and game!