US Government and Civics lesson 1 10/7

US Government and Civics lesson 1 

In this lesson, we will learn about types of governments and about the United States' government in particular. 


1.First, please quickly look through the textbook pages (link), and write a list of all the words in bold font. These will be our vocabulary words for the lesson. As you read through the textbook pages more slowly a second time, please write the definition of each word on the list. 


2. Read the textbook pages and try the exercises as you go. This lesson asks you to write responses to several prompts. Some of the prompts are on the side of the pages, so don't forget to take a look at those as well. 


3. If you want more information about the Magna Carta and the US Constitution, I have linked an article from Feel free to read the article, and write a few paragraphs (or an essay) about how the Magna Carta and the US Constitution are similar and how they are different *OR* write about why the ideas in the Magna Carta were important to the writers of the Constitution. 


Optionally, you can watch the linked videos about the Magna Carta and the US Constitution. (Note: the word "Preamble" means the first part or sentence of the constitution. It is the beginning.)


4. Once you have read the chapter, defined the vocabulary words, and responded to the writing prompts, you can move on to the Vocabulary Review and Practice, and the Skill Review and practice. The Answer key is the last page of the textbook.