The US Constitution (US Gov and Civics lesson 2) 10/15

In the last lesson, we learned about types of governments and the US Constitution. This lesson looks deeper into the Constitution and its key principles.


First, read the textbook pages that are linked to the right. You can do the writing exercises and questions as you go, or once you've read the whole chapter. Try the Skill review and Practice at the end, there is an Answer Key.

You can also watch the US Constitution video from Khan Academy. There are also other interesting videos after that one. 

Finally, for one last writing exercise please write a 3 paragraph essay (opening paragraph, body paragraph, closing paragraph) answering the question:


Why is the Constitution important?


What is the most important part of the Constitution to you?


Make sure to write in complete sentences and paragraphs. You might want to make a list or take some notes first, but be sure to turn those notes into paragraphs after. If you want a reminder about how to write a 3 or 5 paragraph essay, see the Argumentative Essay lesson on our class page. 


Email your paragraph to Jill for grading!