Government and Civics Lesson 3- Branches of Government 10/23

In This Lesson

We will explore the three main branches of the United States Government.

1. Watch the BrainPOP video about the branches of government. This provides a quick overview. 

2. Read through the Textbook pages that are linked in the sidebar.

You do not need to do the exercises or answer the questions right now if you don't want to.

3. Read the article from the Truman Library and write a paragraph summary. Try to include as many bolded vocabulary words as you can. 

Send your paragraph to Jill for feedback (take a picture of your writing or type it in an email).

4. Return to the Textbook pages and do the exercises and answer the questions if you didn't already.

The answer keys are the last two pages.


5. Take the BrainPOP quiz that is in the Google Drive folder (Textbook pages link!)

6. Watch the Youtube Video that provides the answers to the BrainPOP quiz and check your own answers as you watch.

7. Write a 3 paragraph essay (or one paragraph) based on this question:

Is any branch of government more important than the others? Why?

Make sure to include an opening paragraph, a body paragraph with your proof or evidence, and a closing paragraph. For more instruction on writing essays, see the argumentative essay writing lesson on our class page. 

You can send any writing that you do to Jill for feedback.