Week of 3/15: Reading Comprehension Practice

In This Lesson

We will practice reading comprehension while learning interesting facts about dinosaurs and living animals. 

1. Follow the Google Drive link to The reading comprehension pages. Read the four sections and answer the questions about the readings on a separate piece of paper. 

There are answers included, but if you can't find them (last page) then you can send Jill your work to review. 

2. Answer these questions in complete sentences:

  • Research a specific dinosaur and write about its ecosystem. (Remember food chains, habitat, prey, predators, niche from our Ecology Lessons). You can review lessons about ecosystems at the bottom of our class webpage.

  • Are dinosaurs something that is worth studying? Why or why not?

  • Do you like paintings made by animals? Why or why not?

  • Are dolphins more impressive than other animals? Why or why not?


Image removed.

This is a painting by a mountain lion.