Identifying Patterns 5/9

To finish this Unit, we will use expressions and equations to identify patterns within groups of numbers.

1. Please follow the link to the. Textbook Pages on Google Drive, and read the chapter about identifying patterns. 


2. As you go, read through the step-by-step examples about the ways to identify patterns using expressions and equations using tables. 


3. Try the Vocabulary Review, Skill Review, and Skill Practice at the end of Lesson 5.5.

The answers are included at the end of the Textbook Pages. 


4. For extra Practice, follow the link to


5. Review your work dealing with expressions, equations, and inequalities from previous lessons.


6. Finally, try to complete the Chapter 5 Review that follows the Skill Practice Textbook Page.

The answers are also included in the last Pages on the Google Drive link.