9/14/2020 Welcome Back to School Everyone!

Welcome back to this most unusual school year!

All staff, teachers, and students are learning together how to use technology  : )

All of our classes will be in Zoom meetings. The same Zoom meeting link will be used for all the Zoom classes. The invitation with this link was sent to you on 9/14 in a Remind Message.

Let’s start with our WALC website.

Scavenger Hunt on the WALC Website!

Using the WALC website  www.worc-alc.org.  answer the following questions:

1. Find our ABE 1/2 Class Page in one of the “Classes” boxes at the bottom of the home page.

     A. Write in your notebook the name of the Class Lesson for 9/14/2020.

     B. Do you see any files or links included with that lesson?

2.  Look at the menu bar at the top of the WALC home page. There are 3 links. Write what these 3 links are called.

3.  Go to the Student Resources page. 

     A. What are the 5 items listed across the menu bar of this page?

     B. What on this page will be most helpful to you this year?

     C.  Who would you contact if you want help writing a resume?

     D.  Who would you contact if a friend of yours wants to take classes here?

4. Where on this website could you find information on Career Trainings?

5. Who would you contact if you needed to miss a class? 

      B. How will you contact them?

6. Bonus question - who from our class has their picture on our school website??

Congratulations if you have answered all of these questions, you now now our website very well!

Let us know if you want help finding anything on our website. We want to help you improve your computer skills.

There are many useful resources at our school and in Worcester that we want you to know about.