Paragraph Structure and Writing Prompt 9/17

Writing Prompt Ideas:

1. Should internet access be free?

2. Should schools assign homework that requires a computer to use? Why or why not?

3. Should election days be holidays where people don't have to go to work?

4. What makes the best pet, a dog, a cat, or something else? Why?

5. How important is it to get 8 hours of sleep a night?

6. Is snow good or bad?

7. Should schools be in session all year (no summer vacation)?

8. Should it be a rule that everyone takes a walk every day?

9. Is fast food a good thing or a bad thing?

10. Is technology good for children?

11. Is it bad to have a messy bedroom?

12. Should kids be forced to play a sport at school?

13. Should kids be forced to play an instrument at school?

14. Should teachers be paid more money?

15. Should healthcare workers be paid more money?

16. Should fast food workers be paid more money?

17. What is a better vacation, going skiing or going to the beach?

18. What is something that can make your community better?

19. Should the mayor build a new shopping mall or a new public park?

20. Should everyone be forced to read 20 minutes a day?

21. Does it make sense that the high school equivalency tests are timed?

22. We live in a world where the news is constantly on and changing. Should the news be on 24 hours a day? Why or why not?

23. Argue why your favorite food is the best food.

24. Argue why your favorite movie/music/ TV show is the best.

25. Argue why your favorite thing to do/ your hobby is the best.

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Is remote learning good or bad?


Pros and Cons list from class:


-Easier to listen

-Easier to get to class

-easier to comprehend subjects

-we can still have class with the school closed

-avoid bad weather



  • Harder to concentrate

  • Technology issues

  • Isolation

  • Hours during class are harder to accommodate 

  • Needing to be more patient