9/30 US Constitution: History - Reading Group 2: Alam, Jacky, Rotchly.

9/30 US Constitution (continued)

Reading Passages for Reading Group 2: Alam, Jacky, Rotchly.

This internet article has 7 sections about the US Constitution:

The Basics, History, Amendments, Slavery, Women, The Bill Of Rights, and How It All Works.

READ the section called HISTORY.

ANSWER these questions in a Google Doc, and “share” it with Cori (corinne.g.henry@gmail.com) and Claire (walcadv@gmail.com).

  1. Why did the Framers meet? 

  2. Write a sentence about one of the famous Framers.

  3. Summarize, in at least a sentence or two, the process the Framers went through to write the Constitution.