MATH: Designing a Backyard CALM U1 L7 9/30

Home remodeling TV shows are very popular today and often include a backyard makeover, too.  Imagine you were asked to sketch a redesign of a backyard for one of these episodes. What would you want to include? How would you decide what to put where? Use the information provided below to design the new and improved backyard.


Size of backyard: 60 feet by 80 feet

Options to include (your design should include at least 3 of the following options): 


  • shed (two sizes: 6’ x 8’ or 6’ x 10’)
  • patio (What kind of material? What size? What shape?)
  • pond (What size? What shape?)
  • swimming pool (In-ground or above ground? What size? What shape?)
  • vegetable garden 
  • walking paths
  • fencing 
  • landscaping plants, shrubs, trees



Be sure to include the scale you used for your design. Remember, a scale on a map tells us how much real-life distance 1 centimeter or 1 inch represents on the paper.


After re-designing the backyard, choose two features and find the area and perimeter each - both on the scale drawing and in the real backyard. 

Make sure you label ALL of the dimensions in your yard, total length and width, and lengths and widths of everything you put in it!

Feel free to google dimensions of some of these features in real life for inspiration.

Helpful Videos: 

Scale Drawings

Scale Drawing Practice:


Here are links to example images of scale drawings to use for guidance and inspiration:



The video below shows the process of making a scale drawing of a room. You do not need to worry about getting exact dimensions of the featurees you will include in your drawing in real life, you can just imagine them or make them up and work from there.

Lesson Video