1/3/23 Tuesday & 1/5/23 Thursday Click here

Happy New Years - 2023! 
Welcome Back!

I'm so excited to begin 2023 with all of you returning to class ! This year we will continue with our "mini lessons" on confusing words, finish up with our tongue twisters for the letters of the alphabet, and continue on with our idiom expressions that correspond to our unit lessons.

Today we focused on goal setting in class. I have included some assignments focusing on goal setting if you would like more practice in this area.

Goal- see SMART Goal 2023 form  ——>

If you did not complete your 2023 goal, please complete it for homework. We will share our goals through a slide presentation on Thursday.

Reading Comprehension:

1) Click on the link  "Student stories 1- Goals" and read about the 5 students.

2) Click on the link " Student stories 1 Chart" and complete the chart with personal, educational and work goals for the 5 students and yourself.

Reading Comprehension: Higher level:

1) Click on the link "Student Goal Scenarios" and read the paragraphs on each student.

2) Click on the link " Worksheet Chart for Student Goal Scenarios" and answer the questions about each student in complete sentences.

Extra challenge:

Complete: In 2023 I will..." and choose 3 different verbs from the verb list below and write 3 sentences.

Example: In 2023 I will take classes on-line to improve my teaching through zoom with my ESOL students.

Verb list:

-start     - learn     - practice    - have    - show   - take

- quit     - make    - read          - work       - be    - strive

- visit     - try         - spend    - save        - focus   - dedicate

Read and record your sentences, and "What's app" your work to me to listen and check on your pronunciation.

If you would like me to correct your work, please text, email or What's app it to me. Thank you for coming to this homework page to continue practicing and studying your English language skills.