1/10/23 Tueday Click here:

Hello All !

Today’s assignment is to create your personal acrostic poem. Remember to apply the rules we discussed and practiced in class. 

  1. Uses all the letters in your name as the first letter of each line of the poem
  2. The lines should include personality trait adjectives or phrases, educational/skill sets, talents/hobbies/interests and/or personal values/core beliefs.
  3. The first letter of each line is CAPITALIZED !
  4. Your name is written vertically. 
  5. You may add pictures, drawings and/or a decorative border.
  6. See sample Acrostic poem links for ideas & help.

- Practice reading it many times.

- Record yourself reading it and send it to me through WhatsApp.

- Send me a copy of you acrostic poem to add to the class google slide.

- Be prepared to present your acrostic poem to the class during the google slide presentation.

If you have any questions please feel free to text, email or WhatsApp me for help. I look forward to hearing and seeing your acrostic poems.