2/9/23 Thursday Click here

Hello !

It's homework time! Let's start working ! 
1) If you did not complete your draft elevator speech, please do that first!

1) Click on the file “Read Karnchana ” and read Karnchana’s elevator pitch letter. Then click on the file “Answer questions 1-8  about “Karnchana” and complete the comprehension questions.

2) Click on the links “On-line practice: present perfect tense irregular verbs & gap fill-in present perfect tense “.

3)  For practice with pronunciation and to help with memorizing/remembering irregular verbs in the past participle form, record yourself reading the list below. Send me your recording through What's App so I can listen to it. 

go-went-gone                            give-gave-given             eat-ate-eaten

wear-wore-worn                         fall-fell-fallen                  get-got-gotten

take-took-taken                          drive-drove-driven         meet-met-met

be-was-been                              have-had-had                write-wrote-written

4)  Choose one of the above verbs and write a sentence in the simple present, simple past, and present perfect tense. 

    For example:    do-did-done

     I do my homework ever day after English zoom class. (present)

     I did my homework Tuesday after English zoom class at 12:30. (past)

     I have done my homework every day since September. (present perfect)

Thanks for continuing to practice and improve your English skills by completing your homework assignments !

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Good luck with these assignments.