4/23 Transitional words with daily routines

Hi again !

Today Let’s (= let us) begin with our morning journal questions.

Please write complete sentences for each question.

1. What’s it like out today?

2. When did you last leave your house? Where did you go?

3. What do you miss about not being in school for our English lessons?

New Work :

Today we will be studying transitional words. Transitional words connect (or move) one idea to the next idea. Transitional words show order and sequencing :

First —> Next—> Then —> After that —> Finally 

For example: First I eat breakfast and then I brush my teeth.

Below is an example of a paragraph using transitional words:

                             Alys’ Daily Routine 

       First, I wake up in the morning when my alarm rings. Next I get out of bed and I always make myself a cup of coffee. Then I sometimes have bacon and eggs for breakfast. After that I take a hot shower and dry my hair. Finally, I get dressed in professional attire for work.

Look at Alys’ Daily Routine Picture!

Now I would like you to watch the Daily Routine video

Directions: Write your own typical daily routine paragraph. Be sure to include at least five daily routine activities (using your daily routine worksheet from the last lesson), four or more transitional words, and two or more adverbs of frequency ( remember words like —> always, sometimes, rarely, never, seldom, often ...)

Extra: If you would like, you can record yourself reading your paragraph and send it in a text to me, or if your using voice memo, you can text or email it to me. I would love to listen to it.????

*** At the end of the video is a list of questions to answer. If you would like to do them, just send your answers to me and I will check your work.

Thanks for keeping up with your English studies !